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Food Bank: How Did We Do?

10th Annual Food Bank Drive!
Congratulations Team for a job well done in supporting your Local Food Banks!

This year we collected  a total of 23 boxes and $120 in cash donations. As a result, RDC Group contributed $700 in cash to the Langley Food Bank as well.  I found this excerpt on their website which I feel sums up why we go the extra mile at this time of year to rally together in support of this cause:

“When you donate to the Langley Food Bank you are not just giving to a worthy charity.  You really are making an investment into the community.  While we do provide a free handout, our hands do not close when that transaction is completed.  We, and you through us, continue to be connected to our clients.  Each time assistance is provided, we are also giving respect, dignity, and encouragement.  This in turn often gives our clients new courage and hope to face the future, allowing for positive change to come into their lives.” Visit the Langley Food Bank Website

We want to extend a BIG THANK YOU to our residents, building managers and office staff for working together and making this happen! Its just one more way that …we care about where YOU live!



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