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Team Profile

How We Work Together

As a team, we have agreed and are committed to working together with four core values as our guide to providing clean, quiet, secure homes for our residents: Work Hard, Think Smart, Serve Together and Live Fully.website

Office Team:

Peggy Warren – Property & Operations Manager (2004)
Lauren Rassachack – Financial Controller (2013)
Lisa Pasiciel – Accounting Assistant (2010)
Kenda Nault – Marketing & Administration (2015)

Building Management Team:

Jennifer Smith – Century Club Suites & Signature Club Suites (2014)
Anto Coric – Signature Club Suites – Maintenance  (2010)
George & Betty Remple –Plaza 200  & Creekside Apartments (2011)
Manus Lategan – West 56 Apartments (2018)
Cristian Dumitrache – Woodbine Townhomes (2017)
Steven Remple – Midtown Club Suites (2018)

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“Seeing the way George operates this building has been like no other. He has the drive and compassion that makes a tenant, like myself, want to call this place “home”. I truly look forward to seeing him around.” Robbie F.